Monday, 15 April 2019

NBA Prayers for Easter Day (21st April 2019)

We give thanks for the sure and certain hope of eternal life, victory over sin and evil which God gives us through the raising of Jesus from the dead.  May God fill all our churches with fresh confidence this Easter season as we celebrate the resurrection.


Please pray for the forthcoming Northern Light mission (September 19th - 22nd), especially as the process of matching mission teams to churches is taking place at the moment.


Pray that God will grow confidence in all of our churches for all our members to be active in sharing their faith in deeds and words, that we will see more people coming to faith from our communities and being discipled through our churches.


Pray for God to open up fresh opportunities for witness through the things we are involved with over Easter, that we will find good ways of getting the good news of Jesus' resurrection out into our communities.

Prayers provided by Rev Paul Revill (FB & Twitter)

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