Thursday, 9 May 2019

NBA Prayers for 26th May - South Bank BC (Middlesbrough)

Items for thanks

Our newly appointed youth workers and the recently started mid-week youth work. This has resulted in more children and young people attending church on Sunday, with some giving their lives to Christ.

Our community café, and the team of people who volunteer each week. It has now been running for well over a year and it is a great way to bless local families, particularly those who are facing tough times.


Prayer for the church

For boldness and for wisdom. Our vision is to be 'Courageous messengers of God's unconditional love' – we have seen God do so much and we know that it is just the beginning.


Prayer for the local community

As a church we are praying for a change in the spiritual atmosphere in South Bank and the surrounding area, so that those caught in addiction find freedom, those overwhelmed by despair find hope, and those trapped by fear find joy and peace.

Minister: Rev Jon Edwards (and FB)

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