Thursday, 18 July 2019

Prayers for Portrack Baptist Church 21st July 2019

- Pray that we would continue to better understand our summons to serve God, each other and the community around us. 
-Pray that we grow closer together as a church family and also that we offer a welcome to all that demonstrates that family atmosphere. 
-Pray that out of our prayer week (this week) we would better understand God's calling for us both as a church and as individuals. 

-Pray that our community Hub space continues to connect with those on the estate around us.
-Pray for our youth and children's work. Pray that we would continue to develop relationships children, young people and their families and also that they, in turn, would develop their relationships with God.
-Pray that we would live out our faith and call in front of those in our communities.  

Portrack Baptist Church,
St Ann's Terrace, 
TS18 2HT  

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