Wednesday, 4 September 2019

NBA Prayer Requests for Northern Light weekend,19th-22nd September

Give thanks...
  • For the gospel which is powerful for salvation and transformation of people's lives.
  • For all the ways in which our churches are sharing faith and seeing people coming to faith.
  • For all our churches which are engaging in the Northern Light weekend in some way.

Please pray...
  • for the mission teams coming from the UK and other areas of the globe.
  • that God will  greatly use the churches offering support to others, especially Heaton Baptist Church. 
  • that relationships work well within the churches receiving mission teams .
  • that God's kingdom will be established as His Spirit works in fresh and dynamic ways.
  •  that churches will be energised afresh to engage in evangelism,
  •  that the clearly portrayed, crucified and risen' Christ will draw people to become baptised and fully committed disciples.
  • for the ongoing evangelistic mission of your local church.  .

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