Wednesday, 28 August 2013

NBA Association Prayers for 1st September

Give thanks:For the rest and refreshment of the summer

For outreach activities such as Holiday at Home, Holiday Clubs, and other summer mission activities

The Kairos youth weekend
Pray for:
A fresh outpouring of God's Spirit as churches restart their regular programmes and engage in activities such as Harvest Festivals and The Big Welcome / Back to Church Sunday (29th September)

The appointment of a new Regional Minister: Mission Enabler – interviews are scheduled for 10th October

Simon Burin and Glen Cormack as, this autumn, they move to ministries at Enon and Northallerton respectively

The Association Assembly with Lina Andronoviene on 19th October

Courses in Mission and Safeguarding being run in the Association
Provided by Rev John Claydon (Regional Minister, Team Leader & Pastoral)

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