Wednesday, 7 August 2013

NBA Prayers for 11th August - Whitley Lodge Baptist Church (Whitley Bay)

Our pastor George Mackenzie and his wife Gail have been with us since October 2007. They are moving on (George's last service as our Pastor is today) and George is taking up a pastoral role at Hawick Baptist Church.

Thanks for:
1. George's time with us, his tremendous ability to connect with people, and for his being the first ever minister of Whitley Lodge Baptist - a title he will never lose.
2. An invitation by the local school to host a coffee morning for the parents and grandparents who have just dropped their kids off at the school.
3. An exciting baptism in the sea, where a number became Christians.

Pray for:
1. George and Gail as they start their new work.
2. For the church as a whole and the elder and deacons in particular as we pray and consider the next chapter.
3. And pray that we will pray!


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