Wednesday, 20 August 2014

NBA Prayers for 24th August - Spennymoor Jubilee Independent Methodist Church

For the Friday Drop-in which still attracts good numbers and has a good fellowship - but we long for those as yet unsaved to make a commitment to Christ. The work of the young people in the form of the Kingdom Kids needs our prayers as the numbers have slightly declined, especially among the teenager group – although 4 new children came last Sunday and we pray that they may continue.


We would like the NBA to remember our work among the Alzheimer's patients at Appleton Lodge and especially our special service during Advent, when we bring them to the Church for a service followed by a tea. Pray that the various difficulties with Health and Safety and staff cover may yet again be overcome. This would be our third year of hosting this meeting which takes place this year on the afternoon of Sunday 7th December.


Pray for the Wednesday evening Youth Club, which has greatly reduced in numbers, that the Lord will bring in more young people.


The Monday evening Christian Endeavour service still continues with varied types of fellowship and we pray that again God will bring in those who will be attracted to its different forms of worship. We pray that God will bless our Sunday evening service – there has been a gentle upward trend and we still have our sights set on reaching the 25 mark by the end of the year.

Ministers: Mr George Eales and Mrs Beryl Harbisher

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