Wednesday, 27 August 2014

NBA Prayers for 31st August - Season of Prayer, provided by Rev Paul Revill (Regional Minister, Mission) + Marjorie Wheatley

Give thanks for the positive response of our churches to the call to pray through September, and the support for the prayer pilgrimage.

Give thanks that we have such a privilege to be given the gift of prayer, to grow in relationship with God.
Give thanks for all that God does in this world through prayer and for the power of prayer to bring transformation.


Please pray that God will use this season of prayer to bring hope, fresh faith and new life in our churches, and that we will see significant answers to prayer and receive fresh revelation from God.

Pray for all those involved in the prayer pilgrimage walk, that God will speak to them and through them as they visit each of our churches, especially John Claydon and Paul Revill, who are leading the walk.

Pray for the 'Spiritus' event in Durham on September 6th, that God will use this to deepen many people's experience of prayer and draw people towards him.

Pray for this whole initiative to spark fresh enthusiasm for prayer and mission in our churches.


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Marjorie WheatleyMarjorie, the church secretary of West View Baptist Church in Hartlepool, is critically ill in James Cook Hospital. Please pray that she would respond to treatment and possibly further surgery. Please pray also for her family at this time and Marjorie's church family at West View.

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