Wednesday, 19 November 2014

NBA Prayers for 23rd November - Durham City Baptist Church

Our Minister

  • Give thanks that, after a serious operation and convalescence, Ronnie Wynd is now back at work, gradually phasing in what he does.
  • Pray that Ronnie may both feel encouraged by what he can do and aware of what he cannot yet manage.
  • Give thanks for all those who have led worship during Ronnie's absence and who continue to take some Sunday Services. 

Our Church Anniversary - it is this weekend!

  • Give thanks for all who have gone before us and for those who will follow in our footsteps at Durham City as followers of Christ.
  • Give thanks for yesterday's Mission Evening, incorporating a Celebration Meal and a presentation by BMS World Vision speakers.
  • Pray for us as we conduct our Anniversary Service this morning and for Rev Rodney Breckon as he leads our worship.

Minister: Rev Ronnie Wynd

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