Wednesday, 5 November 2014

NBA Prayers for 9th November - Grange Road BC (Darlington)


  • For a year of encouraging growth in church numbers, with new faces nearly every week and with more people in the Sunday congregation who have been worshipping with us for less than two years than "the old timers"
  • For Rodney's committed and inspired leadership, supported by a group of hard working members, during the period the church has been without a Pastor
  • For lives that have been radically turned around in the church and for the testimony they give 


  • For everyone at Grange Road to develop a deeper and closer relationship with God
  • That the old and the new will grow together in unity and Godly purpose as we move through a season of change
  • That God will guide and equip us as we consider how and where we should work to impact the town for Him
  • That the ongoing journey of working together with our friends at the Darlington Baptist Tabernacle will bear increasing Kingdom fruit locally
Moderator: Rev Rodney Breckon

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