Wednesday, 14 January 2015

NBA Prayers for 18th January - Crosby Garrett United Baptist/Methodist Chapel (near Kirkby Stephen, Cumbria)

We can easily get into the habit of feeling we are plodding on here at Crosby Garrett, with our small gathering, but we had a very good Christmas Carol Service, led by Donald Marston. About 10 little children acted out the Nativity scene and 5 teenage girls read, with Donald speaking in between on the light of the world - illustrated with a candle that changed colour. It was a tremendous service and it was encouraging to see the chapel full. Pray with us that it will encourage people to come and join us.


This Sunday, 18th January, we are holding a United Service, led by Rev Phil Drew, with our Anglican friends from the parish church - another opportunity for people to come and perhaps begin a journey of faith.


One of our young members graduated from University in June. He has started working for Fords, in the London area. He would value your prayers in his new venture and as he becomes involved with a church down there.


Sadly, we have a family in our area who have been hit very hard with cancer. The lad is only in his early 50s and is undergoing radium treatment. His wife has been diagnosed with bowel cancer and is awaiting treatment. They have 2 teenage children. Our local community has been devastated by this news and we would like you to share our load a little by remembering the family in your prayers.

Ministers: Mr Donald Marston (Baptist), Rev Phil Drew (Methodist)

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