Wednesday, 21 January 2015

NBA Prayers for 25th January - Whitley Bay BC

2015 is a Year of Outreach for us, developing strategies and practices that will enter the lifeblood of the church. Pray for all our efforts of sowing, reaping and keeping but more importantly for the Holy Spirit's anointing and guidance.


In July we will be welcoming about 20 people from Normandale Baptist Church, Fort Worth, Texas. Please pray for them, and their leader, Pastor Brent Lightsey, as they make their preparations - and for us as we make our plans to receive them.


Serious long-term illness and untimely deaths have been part of church life in recent months. Please pray for us as we seek to minister to and uphold the individuals and families involved.


We give thanks for the number of young families, with young children, who are part of the church - most Sunday mornings there are about 50 children and young people with us. Thank God also for the work of Laura Spanswick, our Team Leader for Young People's Work who has just returned from maternity leave


We are faced with a cost of about £200,000 for much needed work to our building. Please pray that the Lord will bless and guide us as we face the challenge of the call to sacrificial giving as we face this challenge, determined that we shall not be distracted from our support of mission beyond WBBC.


Remember those members of the Church who are on the front line of service to the local community:  Street Pastors, School Pastors, the Bay Foodbank, Safe Families for Children, Junction 42, Youth for Christ, Carers and Toddlers and Parentalk.

Pastor: Rev Paul Newman


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