Wednesday, 8 June 2016

NBA Prayer Relay for week from 12th June - Berwick BC

Please join us, in your prayers, in this week of prayer for our local church:

On Tuesday night, at our prayer meeting, we will be praying for different areas of our community where people within our church live (e.g. Tweedmouth, Spittal, Berwick town centre), that the Lord will pour out His Spirit and bring a deep conviction of sin upon our community, and that people will turn to the Lord and receive salvation.


During the week we shall be opening up our church building on Monday, Wednesday and Friday between 10am and 12noon for folks to gather to call in and pray for our schools, local councillors, Mayor and other officials.  Also, we will be praying for the growing unity between the churches within Berwick area and the establishment of church outreach through the whole Body of Christ within Berwick.


Our main burden of prayer over this week will be for revival within our town and region, that hearts, lives and communities will be touched by the fire of God and transformed.

Pastor: Rev John Hodgkikns

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