Sunday, 12 June 2016

NBA Prayer Relay for Week from 19th June - Stockton Baptist Tabernacle

Prayer requests:

Give thanks for the continued momentum the gospel seems to have among those seeking asylum in the UK and based in Stockton. Please pray for protection, especially on those who make a public testimony about leaving Islam and becoming Christians - we haven't had any trouble yet, but some (not all) Muslims will think our new friends should be killed.

Please pray also that we would find new ways of reaching Stockton's long-term residents with the good news of Jesus; as a town centre church we struggle to find a community we can engage with.

Give thanks for the nine years our assistant minister David Taylor-Black has served here... this summer he and his wife Sharon and their 4 children are moving to Gloucestershire where he will become the Senior Minister of Gorsley Baptist Church. Pray for a good move, for a great start to their ministry there, and for the Tabernacle as we work out what do next as a result.

Senior Pastor: Rev Andrew Waugh

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