Wednesday, 21 September 2016

NBA Relay Prayers for week from 25th September - Headland BC (Hartlepool)

We give thanks to God for
* the small number of new people who have recently joined us
* the loving support we are receiving from the Association in the continued absence of a minister
* Teesside YFC and Bethany McNeeley in particular, who has given three years to the youth of our church.....and for Shay Zenk, recently arrived from USA, to continue their support and grow the work

We pray 
* that our new friends will feel welcome and will want to "dig deeper"
* for a new initiative in praying for those who live close to the church building...that they will respond positively and want to engage with us
* for courage and understanding as some of us step out into detached youth work, alongside people from other Headland churches, and that the church based children's and youth work will flourish in spirit and number

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