Wednesday, 28 September 2016

NBA Relay Prayers for week from 2nd October - Hamsterley BC

Our prayer needs centre around our declining numbers, with only 2 members included in 4 regular attenders, of whom two are around 80 – and there are health issues. It is difficult to see how we can carry on much longer.


Use of the building as a House of Prayer has not been as much as we had hoped, but it would encourage us if more use was made by visiting churches for Away Days and the like.


Our Pastor, Rev Trevor Rowe, is very active in the local school, but most pupil families live well away from the village. We work with the local Anglican and Methodist churches, who are also experiencing low numbers; we have recently started a joint monthly evening Bible Study. A joint Sunday afternoon "messy" church has also been tried, and will be repeated.


We pray that the Lord will guide us as to the future. Please pray with us.

Pastor: Rev Trevor Rowe.

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