Wednesday, 15 March 2017

NBA Prayers for 19th March - Darlington BC

Two churches, the Baptist Tabernacle in Corporation Road and the church at Grange Road are merging to form Darlington Baptist Church. So far as we can be before the official merger, now planned for September, we are one church.

Give thanks:
·    that our two congregations have readily become one, in both heart and mind
·    for the continuing numerical growth, including more children
·    for new ventures, such as Messy Church and our Book Club and for the flourishing existing ministries
·    that our buildings are used for activities involving those with dementia, mental health issues and motor diseases such as cerebral palsy 

Please pray:
·    for Rodney, as he leads and guides us though our rebirth pains
·    for Mel Ithurralde, as he takes up the reins of Secretary-Elect
·    for discernment, as we begin to think about someone who might be appointed to work with Rodney
·    for the strength to survive the endless and increasingly expensive red tape, seemingly designed to prevent rather than encourage merger

Pastor: Rev Rodney Breckon (and FB)

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