Wednesday, 22 March 2017

NBA Prayers for 26th March - Billngham BC

1. We thank God that we have seen our youth work develop over the past couple to years. We now have a group of about 14 teenagers who twice a month come together to study the Bible and share in the life of the Church. We give thanks for their questions and insights into the things of God and pray that God will help them to grow in Christ and, for those who have yet to make a commitment to Him, come and trust Jesus as Lord of their lives.

2. We run a Chatty Café every other week at the Church, and it is has been good to see a group of men and women from outside the Church come along. The conversations have been good, and it has led us to showing the videos entitled "The God question", which look at the arguments for and against God. We give thanks for the good number who come along and pray that, through their questioning and our witness, they will come to know Jesus as Saviour.

3. Like most Churches, we have a large proportion who are in their retirement. In fact we have 6 members who are now in their 90's, most of whom are still living in their own homes. We give thanks for their long lives and their faithfulness to God and His faithfulness to them, over many decades. We uphold them in prayer as their lives here draw to a close and they prepare to go to be with their Lord and Saviour. We also pray that God will bring others to faith to replace them so that our witness to Jesus Christ in our community might continue.

Pastor: Rev Alistair Jones (and FB)

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