Wednesday, 12 July 2017

NBA Prayers for 16th July - Spennymoor Jubilee IMC

Prayers for:

·         Our ministers, George and Beryl, that God will continue to give them strength for their ministry and all the work they do in the Church;
·         Members in our Church who battle with health concerns or who is caring long term for a loved one;
·         Those who work with the children in our "Kingdom Kids. May the children be a good example to others;
·         Our Friday Drop In, that it may we be a good witness to those who call in.

Give thanks that, in October, we will have a new member.

In all the busyness of our lives and all the storms we may face, pray that we will let our Church make space for the hearing of the Lord's still small voice.

Ministers: George Eales and Beryl Harbisher

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