Wednesday, 19 July 2017

NBA Prayers for 23rd July - Stocksfield BC

Give thanks for:

Seeing God's provision and answers to prayers in turning around a financial deficit and a new youth leader

Prophetic words towards developing mission

A successful trip to Romania by many of our young (and not so young) people with the Smiles Foundation, resulting in a year-long list of actions being undertaken by the church every month to provide needs for the people they met there

A CAP (Christians against Poverty) job club getting off the ground in the local area

An Alpha course which was well attended and fruitful contacts made

A series of lectures in the Tyne valley organised by one of our members looking at the role of Christian faith in an age of science


Prayers for:

Our annual children's holiday club taking place from 24-28 July

The need for new leaders in taking forward the property management of the building and in leading the younger age children's work

Continual mission development

Minister: Rev Pete Jorysz

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