Wednesday, 6 December 2017

NBA Prayers for 10th December - Thornaby BC

We give thanks to God for His unfailing love and faithfulness to us.We have many people who are unwell and unable to attend Church. Please pray for return to health and blessings on families and helpers who work to help.
We would ask prayer for the church to grow with families and younger people.
We give thanks for the Food Bank and all those who come to it. For all those who contribute food and fulfil the needs of the less fortunate.
We give thanks for all the volunteers who give their time week after week.
Please pray for our finance circumstances. We believe God will supply all our needs and prayers will sustain us until His timing comes to fruition.
We give thanks for those who preach and for the leaders of our services.
May we be encouraged and comforted through God's grace and love.
In Jesus' precious Name,


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