Wednesday, 13 March 2019

NBA Prayers for 17th March - Easington Lane IMC


We praise and thank God for His faithfulness, although most of our congregation belong to the older generation, we still enjoy times of blessing at our Sunday and mid-week meetings, we also share a good relationship with  local churches through 'Hetton Fellowship of Churches'.

We pray that God will call and equip younger people to take on the responsibility of leadership roles, and that the relationship we share with the other churches will continue to grow every stronger as we work together of the extension of God's Kingdom.



As a church we have a good relationship with 'ELCAP',[our local community centre, whose premises are next door to our church building]. Many of our congregation, including ministers and leaders are involved with groups that use their premises. We are grateful for the close link which we have with the local school, where we have the privilege of taking morning assembly on a fortnightly basis, children from the school also attend our church for our Annual production of 'The Bible Comes Alive'. 

We pray that the links mentioned above will remain open, and that through various  Outreach events we have planned for the coming year (for example, a concert by the children from our JAM Club, followed by a pie and pea supper) we will be able to build a relationship with more men, women and children from our community, and that God will open the way for us to share with them the Gospel Message.

Ministers: Jean Merton, Mary Grey, Kay White

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