Wednesday, 20 March 2019

NBA Prayers for 24th March - Westoe Road BC (South Shields)

As we come to the close of our Year of Celebrations for our 200th Anniversary, we give thanks for the last 200 years of being a witness for God here in South Shields. Our final celebration is this Sunday, March 24, when we will look back over the last year, thanking God for the success of each of  our monthly events and those who took part.


We ask for God's Blessing as we move into our 201st year and we 'Share the love of Jesus to our Church Family, our Community and the Wider World' - Matthew 18:20 and Acts 2:42-47


We give thanks for our community, and the privilege of being able to work with local families, through Whizz Kids, Brownies, Anchor Boys and Boys Brigade, and with older people in our community as we lead monthly Praise Services in  local care homes.


We pray for the leaders of these activities, that God will enable them to recognise and respond to opportunities to share the love of God. May God richly bless them in this work and bless all those they come into contact with.

Pastor: Julie Price (and FB)

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