Wednesday, 13 September 2017

NBA Prayers for 17th September - West View BC (Hartlepool)

The church started a new initiative about six months ago called The Filling Station. This has been our main focus in recent months, particularly while our minister, Tim, has been on sabbatical. Every Friday we serve free meals to people from our local community. Give thanks for what has been achieved and pray that The Filling Station will move forward.  

This has really grown and we are now serving up to 60 people each week. It has provided opportunities to build relationships and has attracted people of all ages and backgrounds. Praise God for the many volunteers helping to run this and for the way we have been able start such a venture.

As relationships grow there are opportunities to pray with people and to talk to people about faith. Pray God will show us how to develop this further and show us ways we can help introduce people to Jesus.

Minister: Rev Tim Hyde

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