Wednesday, 23 August 2017

NBA Prayers for 10th September - Boldon IMC

Thanking the Lord for:

1.    A successful completion of the project to refurbish the adjoining stables building which now provides a beautiful well-lit area for small group community activities (Pictures on FaceBook: "The Old Co-op Stables")

2.    The absolutely fantastic community response and support on the occasion of a break-in to the building earlier in the year - the very first since it was opened in 1885.

3.     Especially the way in which we have been drawn closer together as a team during the challenges of the past year.

Prayer for:

1.      The Sit 'n' 'b' Fit sessions started in June that they will attract interest from the wider community and that the new accommodation will be well-used for new ventures.

2.     The young people's after school activities on Mondays that they will develop and expand and especially for the brilliant monthly contributions from Wearside Youth for Christ.

3.      Some of the fellowship and leaders that on-going health problems will be resolved and that the Lord will guide and lead in bringing new and committed workers to stimulate and encourage our worship and outreach activities.

Prayer Leaders: Len Ogilvie and George Park

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