Wednesday, 9 August 2017

NBA Prayers for 13th August - Upper Eden BC

Praise God for:

All our blessings this year. We've had a great year as a fellowship learning and evangelising together. We have started to go through the bible systematically on Sunday mornings which has challenged and encouraged in equal measures. We have started a second small group which has had some really positive outcomes. Our evangelistic work has been very well attended including: Ladies Nights, Holiday Club and Coffee Drop In.


Please Pray:

That the seed which has been sown has fallen on good soil, that we can continue to water it and God will grow the crop ready for harvest. For the future direction, vision and leadership of the church. That we may seek to follow God's laws, along His path and with His leading as we face changes as a church. For Nathan and Jenny Colclough, who have helped lead our church over the last 5 years and are now moving on into ministry training in Carlisle.

Team Leader: Mary Studd (and FB and Twitter)

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