Saturday, 19 August 2017

NBA Prayers for 27th August - the Northumbria Community

Prayers  of Thanksgiving:

· For the growth, development and influence of the Community across the world, crossing boundaries and borders of race, class, nation, tradition and age.

· For the Community's mother house, Nether Springs at Acton near Felton in Northumberland; for the house team living and working there and for the hundreds of people who stay and visit there each year.

· For the emergence and recognition of the next generation of leaders.

· For the influence and inspiration of Celtic Daily Prayer, the Community's Office book which is used by thousands of people all over the world.

· For the many people who are in the Community's 'novitiate' process and for all those who have become Companions in the last year. 

· For the giftedness of those who lead and serve as Overseers, Trustees, administrators and coordinators.

Prayers of Intercession:

· The leadership as they serve and help implement the strategic priorities that relate to the Community's life and work.

· For the changes in the house team this autumn, with some leaving to return to Germany and for some new members arriving from Belgium.

· For Trevor in his mentoring, writing and overseeing.

· For Roy as he manages the challenges and opportunities of his roles in overseeing, coordinating BUGB pioneering in the North of England, his teaching at Cranmer Hall, Durham, his writing and his training and mentoring of leaders.

· For the Community team leading Daily Prayers at the Greenbelt Arts Festival in Northamptonshire over the Bank Holiday weekend. 

· For the Community to continue to exercise its apostolic and prophetic role within the church and wider society in a changing Post Christendom western world.

That the Community continues to make the seeking of God it's reason for being and that it will remain a signpost to other seekers within and beyond the walls of the church.

Community Overseers: Revd Roy Searle and Revd Trevor Miller (Baptist Ministers)  


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