Wednesday, 2 August 2017

NBA Prayers for 6th August - Glendale Crossing Places

We are beginning a new phase of our life together in Wooler and surrounding area. Bill Eugster, our community minister, is looking ahead to retiring fully at the end of 2018, with the last 12 months of his ministry being part-time.  This means a time of transition for the NBA's rural missional initiative.


We are looking towards the new work of Roy Searle and others in the formation of a network of rural pioneering missions in the coming year, which will give encouragement and support to each other as we seek to bring the Good News imaginatively to a hard and needy area in North Northumberland.


We are revamping and relaunching our Café Church this autumn, in a different pub in Wooler. The Community Garden Scheme is full and has another waiting list for next year. Schools work, featuring Scripture Union's "Lifepath" last month and another "Prayer Space" in the autumn term mean even better communication and cooperation.  The ecumenical scene is improving in Wooler too.  So you can see there's plenty to make us rejoice about and pray.

More specifically, please pray for:
·                 the growth (numerical, spiritual and social) of our group
·                 the relaunch of Café Church next month
·                 the staff and children of our local schools
·                 closer cooperation between all the Wooler churches
·                 guidance and resources for the future of Crossing Places, especially during this time of transition

Community Minister: Rev Bill Eugster

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