Thursday, 10 August 2017

NBA Prayers for 20th August - Wallsend BC

For Thanks:

The appointment of Ray Richardson as Moderator, who is working with the deacons in the absence of a minister

That we are welcoming two new church members this summer


For Prayer:

Our immediate need is for the future of the church as we seek a new minister. Our deacons are overstretched and one of our longest serving deacons is in ill health and can't leave the house due to a problem with his legs. 

Our Youth Group is in need of new leaders. Our main leader was our minister, who left at Christmas, and two others are stepping down from September; another leader is our poorly deacon. It is questionable whether we can keep it running.

Similarly we would like to get some prayer meetings/bible studies in place, but are struggling to find anyone with the time to lead them.

That, through God's grace, we continue to have the strength and will to serve Him through our little church when the glass can seem half empty sometimes. (and FB)

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