Monday, 15 June 2020

NBA Prayers 21st June 2020 Marsden Baptist Tabernacle

We serve an awesome God who is passionate about creation. He loves to build out of nothing. In this fact, we as His people can find great hope. The Bible story begins with His spirit hovering over an empty void. During this pandemic, many people are finding their hopes and dreams laid low. If as many fear, we face a second wave we are looking at a crisis of untold magnitude as many businesses face bankruptcy. The plans of many crumble, leaving an empty void. Yet over this emptiness, the spirit of God hovers, as in the space He begins to create something of untold magnitude and great beauty.

The Chinese term for 'crisis' is made up of two words, 'wei' and 'chi'. The first meaning 'danger' but the latter means 'opportunity'. There is the danger of lapsing into despair but there is the opportunity for our nation to turn to God and watch as he takes our emptiness and creates something of untold beauty in our midst. Let us carry this hope to the communities we serve.

We thank God:

  •  for the leaders of Marsden Baptist Tabernacle to whom God has entrusted the task of steering the church through these difficult times.
  • for the faithful witness of  Marsden Baptist Tabernacle over many years.
  • for His faithfulness to this church since it was first founded.
Please pray:

  • that the leaders of Marsden Baptist Tabernacle will respond positively to fresh opportunities that the Holy Spirit creates.  
  • that  Marsden Baptist Tabernacle will be able to reach out to the local community at this time.
  • that God will enlarge the vision of Marsden Baptist Tabernacle and provide its members with much-needed encouragement.

Prayers and text supplied by Roger M Daniel: NBA Coordinator

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