Monday, 1 June 2020

NBA Prayers for 7th June 2020

We serve a multifaceted and infinite God, who we will never fully comprehend with our finite minds. Yet due to our unique, individual personalities we will each grasp one facet of His personality better than another. We can see this clearly in the gospels.
Rather than providing us with an account of Jesus from one perspective, God gives us four. We see Matthew's understanding of Jesus from a Jewish perspective, Mark's sense of immediacy, Luke's concentration on healing, and John's grasp of His majesty. Had we only been left with one gospel we would have a far poorer understanding of Christ.
Thus, when we come together as a corporate body, we reflect a far truer picture of God, than we can ever do individua!!y.
This truth is reflected in today's NBA prayer requests.

We thank God:

  •  for the leaders of Headland Baptist Church to whom God has entrusted the task of steering the church through these difficult times.

  • for the members of Headland Baptist Church whom God has individually fashioned to become part of the corporate body.

  • for His faithfulness to this church since it was first founded.

Please pray:

  • that God will watch over, protect and inspire the ministry of Headland Baptist Church in these challenging circumstances.

  • that we will recognise each member's unique gifts and the part they play in the corporate body of Headland Baptist Church .

  • that just as the Holy Spirit spoke through His people to representatives of different nations, in their own language at Pentecost, He will now empower members of  Headland Baptist Church in reaching out to the sectors of community to which they are called.

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