Tuesday, 30 June 2020

NBA Prayers 5th July 2020

When Phillip shared the good news with an  Ethiopian eunuch,  he was reaching outside his comfort zone. The Holy Spirit was guiding him to someone of a different nationality and culture.

Today as we share 'church' through the marvels of modern technology, we are reaching people well beyond our usual frontiers. Let us pray as we prepare to return to our physical buildings that we are ready to welcome all who choose to join us, irrespective of age, colour, nationality or culture. Let us not be like one church deacon who when faced with several reborn Hell's Angels  many years ago remarked, "We were wanting converts Roger, but not that kind."

Rather, let us follow the example of Peter, who when the Holy Spirit first fell upon a group of Gentile believers asked, "What should prevent them being baptised?

We thank God  for:

  •  the faithful witness of Thornaby Baptist Church.
  • the servant heart that you have blessed Thornaby Baptist Church with.
  • His faithfulness to us during these difficult times.

We pray;

  • for the:finances to carry out essential repairs to the church building.
  • for those members of our church who struggle with the restrictions on their movement.
  • that you will prepare our hearts and minds for the changes we face in the way we 'do church'.
Prayers and devotional thought supplied by Roger M Daniel: NBA Prayer Coordinator.

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