Monday, 8 June 2020

NBA Prayers for 14th June 2020

For years I was troubled by the statement in Isiah 53: 5 stating that 'by his stripes we are healed'. Having watched Rose Wayland, my mother-in-christ die of a painful brain tumour, it was not until I studied the original Hebrew text that I understood this passage clearly.
The word 'rapa' which we translate as 'healing' means so much more.
It conveys a sense of freshness, restoration, fertility, physical and spiritual healing plus wholesomeness.

With our finite minds, we have a limited understanding of all that God provides for us. Whilst we are concerned for our physical healing, God sees a far greater picture. He will not be satisfied until our broken mental, physical, spiritual and emotional beings are completely healed and we are transformed into the image of Christ.

At times He may choose to provide physical healing. On other occasions He plans something far greater and deeper than we can imagine.
 It is not then, that our expectations of God are too great, but that our grasp of all He offers is too limited.
Whilst God is not the author of our sufferings, He does uses them for our ultimate benefit. What the enemy intends for our destruction, He uses for our good. Whilst Rose Wayland was on her sickbed I asked if she was really pleased with God. I will never forget the look of joy on her face as gazing heavenward she stated, 'Oh yes!'
Clearly God used her suffering to draw her into a far deeper relationship and understanding of God's love than I have yet to experience.  

We thank God:

  •  for the leaders of Gt. Asby Baptist Church to whom God has entrusted the task of steering the church through these difficult times.
  • for the faithful witness of Gt. Asby Baptist Church over many years.
  • for His faithfulness to this church since it was first founded.

Please pray:

  • that God will inspire the leaders of Gt. Asby Baptist Church as they seek to serve His people in these challenging circumstances.
  • that Gt. Asby Baptist Church will be able to reach out into the local community at this time.
  • that God will enlarge the vision of Gt. Asby Baptist Church and provide its members with much-needed encouragement.
Prayers and text supplied by Roger M Daniel: NBA Prayer Coordinator

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